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Place to visit

Gosaba , Heritage Bunglow of  Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton’s who also known as FATHER OF SUNDARBAN & FOUNDER OF ASIA’S 1ST CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Sajnekhali watch tower
Sudhanya Khali Watch tower
Rangabelia , Satjila village Burir Dabri Watch tower, Near Bangladesh
Peerkhali forest - for Dolphin spoting - Do banki Watch tower, Heritage Bunglow of  Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton’s who also known as FATHER OF SUNDARBAN & FOUNDER OF ASIA’S 1ST CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY,
Netidhopani Watch tower.( restricted for 8 boats per day on 1st cum 1st serve basis with double charge of tourist permition & other relevant expenses)
Island tour - Sharakhali 1 - Sharakhali 2 , Durga Duani - Banabibi Bharani
Jharkhali Watch tower
Bonnie Camp Watch tower
Kalas Camp, Kalas Island , Kalas beach of Bay of Bengal


Significance of Spring tide & neap tides at Sundarban

The Sundarban delta is a maze of forested Islands. It’s ruled by the tidal water of the sea.  Usually there are two high tides and two low tides at an interval of 6 hours each in a day. Sundarban being a mangrove forest, it is tough to spot a tiger during the neap tide (Mora Kotal) which is a low tide variation period. The water current is minimal during this time. During the Spring tide (bhora Kotal) however, the water level would be much higher and water current much stronger due to the full moon. It has been observe that this period falls almost midway between one Amabasya (New Moon) and Purnima (Full Moon) or vice versa. During the mora kotal the mud flats stand exposed. Each month usually has two no Mora Kotals. It is a myth that sightseeing usually do not occur during high tides (Bhora Kotal). It is important not only to have a patient crew, but also an efficient sareng (main boat Man) who needs to be well aware of the navigation and local conditions in the forest. The forest silently communicates with us through much science; missing any of such science can deprive us of potential chance of sighting The Yellow God of Forest.

The Tyger
BY william-blake
Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Tigers of Sundarban can be spotted either from Watch towers or from the tourist boats.  During the early mornings and late evenings or there are high tides or mud flakes are submerged watch towers are usually preferred. One needs to understand the fact as to why a Tiger comes to the bank of such a vast water body. Well, they certainly don’t come there to drink. They lurk about near the river banks primarily for two reasons


Tigers generally spent quite some time on the river bank before plunging into the water to cross. Therefore it’s important for us to remain vigilant and keep scanning both the banks with our binoculars while we are still with the forest.

Spotting the stripes

For spotting the majestic cats, foot prints are more reliable. However it’s extremely difficult for an untrained EYE to differentiate between the crab whole and Pug mark (foot print of tiger). Seeing a tiger in its natural habitat, is a marvelous spectacle; a sighting that not everyone may be lucky enough to witness. there are certain ways to differentiate between the old foot print and a new one , understanding this can come from years of experience of seen them . The fresh foot prints bear the following features.

However, it is to be noted here that, such factors vary from season to season and with different soil types. On a soft muddy soil during winters the foot print might last around 15 to 20 days, whereas on a sandy bank the same would disappear within 2 to 3 days. Moreover, the foot prints disappear during summer / monsoon whereas they tend to remain a longer duration during the winters. 

 Strategic timing 

As because the tiger’s are nocturnal, which means they are more active during night or early morning, when it is not too bright. So to increase the success of spotting the tiger, you must head into the forest either in the morning.

Please do not visit Sundarban with a hope of spotting Tiger. You can easily spot Tiger at other Tiger Reserves other than Sundarban. Instead try to feel and enjoy the other part of the beauty and wildlife that Sundarban has to offer. And then you won't return with a disappointment.

What to do and what not to do

Pls. carry Personal Identification card with photo id if required by the competent authority for verification.

Tips. Of the tour: -

1. Bring torch light/ one candle & match box for your personal use. Carry limited luggage.

2. Do not through any paper glass or any object on the river during tour, please help us to maintain the pollution free environment to save mangrove forest. Plastic Bag not allowed.

3. There is a current in the river so be careful during cruise at Sundarbans.

4. For extra precautionary measures if you wish you may carry mosquito repellants.

5. Wear light colour dresses, so that it doesn't scare away the wild life. During winter carry Neck & Ear guard to prevent you from cold.

6. Do not leave the hotel/resort premises after 9 PM at night without prior permission of tour escort/manager or the hotel authority.

Terms & condition:- 50% advance at the time of booking rest 7 days before starting of tour at Kolkata.

All tour depends on whether condition , in case any tour cancel due to bad weather or any other natural calamities/unavoidable reason for which directly or indirectly we not responsible. In that case you may have the option to pros-pond the tour to any suitable date after deducting the necessary cancellation charges.No repeation of tour itinerary is possible, neither refund will be entertain in case of any cancellation of tour or partial journey completed due unavoidable circumstances. In case of rolling/pitching due to bad weather boat will diversify from the prescribed route according to the situation or they may have to park the boat in safe position till the weather improve & favorable condition for tour.

In case of any additional stay due to road close, Strike or any other natural calamities guest has to pay the additional expenses towards accommodation, food & transportation on spot to the tour manager/escort. Tour manager/escort has the authority to change the tour itinerary if necessary without assigning any prior notice.

Our tour cost includes:- 1. Well-appointed Air-condition / non Air-condition room on triple & Twin sharing basis as per category of package booked . 2. Air-conditioned Vehicle from Science city Parama Island ( Opposite ITC Sonar Bangla Hotel) to Gadhkhali Jetty and back. 3. Forest permit and cost of Licensed guide, 4. All meals Breakfast (1 packed dry breakfast on 1st Day), Lunch, dinner& 2 Evening snacks with purified drinking water available on boat & Resort during stay. 5. Service of Experience Tour escort.

Food offered by us - All food will be prepared on boat & served hot by our local cook.

Consumption of hard drinks or any alcoholic drink during cruise on boat inside the Sundarbans Forest area is strictly prohibited. Do not disturb any wild animal. Do not touch any tree inside the watch tower without prior permission of the forest Gard/ guide; if you do so and if any penalty is imposed by the competent authority tour operator/boat man will not take any responsibility.