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3 Nights and 4 Days


walkbay with sweet water pond

3 nights / 4 days tour:- Gosaba – Sajnekhali – Dayapur- Pakhir Chor – Sudhanya Khali – Do banki – Neti Dhopani(against Special permit) - Burir dabri ( Bangladesh Border) - Sharakhali-1, Sharakhali-2, Banabibi Bharani Godhkhali

Day 1:- Kolkata to Gadhkhali

0830 hrs:-departure from science city opposite ITC sonar Bangla Kolkata to Gadhkhali 110 kms. / 3 hrs. Journey by road.

1130 hrs.:- arrived at Gadhkhali, where the memorable road ends and Cruises starts to visit Mangrove forest.

1200 hrs:- Once we reach there our local representative meet & greet you with welcome drinks on board. Our non ac tourist boat is furnished with bunk bed in lower deck with attached toilet & kitchen to prepare fresh & hygienic food for our guests. Upper deck is for observing wild life with seating & dining arrangement. Once we cross the Bidya River we will reach Gosaba Bazar to the opposite side of Gadhkhali jetty. on the way we usually pay a visit to the Gosba Island & Heritage Bunglow of Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton’s who also known as FATHER OF SUNDARBAN & FOUNDER OF ASIA’S 1ST CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY. Then we will start cruising through the rivers Gomor, Durga- duwani & enjoy the village life of the Sundarban forest.


1330 hrs.:- Arrived at Sajnekhali Watch Tower the controlling office of Forest Department, obtain necessary permission to visit the Mangrove Interpretation Centre,Visit Forest Museum, Goddess of forest Banabibi Temple (Banabibi is very popular and is considered protector of inhabitants of the forest.) Sweet water pond as well as a Crocodile Park inside the Sajnekhali watchtower complex. Have lunch while cruising on boat. Have lunch while cruising on boat.

1400 hrs.:- Arrived at Hotel / Resort /Lodge where your accommodation is already booked for fresh up.

1530 hrs.:- Leave for village walk, Bird watching near Pakhir Chor & enjoy the Sunset cruise with evening snacks & tea.

1830 hrs.:- Arrived at Resort, free to relax at your room.

2030 hrs:- Dinner will be served at Hotel / Resort / Lodge where your accommodation is already booked. Or you may enjoy the dinner cruise also if you wish to do so with us.

Madantak in sajnekhali range

Day 02:- Sajnekhali range to BurirDabri and back

0600hrs:- Wake-up Call with bed tea.

0700 hrs.:- Leave for Burirdabri watch tower near Bangladesh boarder. On the way we will pass through many Islands like Satjeliya,Baghna Forest beat office,Jhinakhali Forest,Burir dabri Khal.

0830 hrs.: - Breakfast on boat.

1130 hrs.:- Arrived at Burirdabri Watch tower.Walking towards Watch Tower will be a new experience as you walk through the Mud Walk.


Burir Dabri:This remote watchtower is located on Raimangal river(which forms an invisible border demarcating India and Bangladesh) adjoining Bangladesh, around five hours from Sajnekhali. It's notably picturesque and has a canopy walk over the mangroves that lead to a viewpoint with a panoramic view of Bangladesh. Some of the extinct and rare trees like  Sundari Tree (Heritiera fomes), Pasur tree – (Xylocarpus Mekongensis) of Sundarban .  also see Garan Tree -(Ceriops decandra)and Kankra Tree (Bruguiera gymnor hiza),Golpata Tree (Nypa fruticans) can be seen while cruising through Burirdabri Khal . The tigers of Sundarbans are  often heard of camouflaging themselves behind these Golpata trees.

1230 hrs.;- leave from Burirdabri watch tower.

1300 hrs.:- Have lunch on boat while cruising.

1730 hrs:- On the way back at Rangabelia enjoy the scenic beauty of (Pakhir Chor) and finally arrived at your Hotel for night stay. Tea/ Coffee with light snacks will be served on boat.

1800 hrs.:- Arrived at Pakhiralay/ Dayapur, after fresh up, free to relax or, visit the local bazar, Handicraft center.

2030 hrs.:- Have dinner at Hotel.

Day 03:- Sajnekhali range to Dobanki and back.

0600hrs:- Wake-up Call with bed tea.

0700 hrs :- We will start our thrilling boat Safari throughvarious rivers , Islands & small Creeks covering Pirkhali - You may get a chance to see Dolphin also while crossing this area , SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Chora Gazi Khali, sundarkhali, Deul Varani (For bird watching and wild life sitting. lunch will be served on boat while cruising.

1130 hrs.:- Arrived at Dobanki W.T.


DoBanki watch tower ( W.T):This watchtower is renowned for long canopy walk, which is 20 feet high from ground.It resembles a flyover with a 12 ft high side fencing of grill and strong net in the form of a canopy to protect tourists from wildlife. This walkway offers a beautiful view of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve forest. Here too, like the other camps, there is a sweet water pond. you will also see some rare precise of Trees like Heritiera Fomes (Sundari Tree)  Pasur tree–(Xylocarpus Mekongensis) of Sundarban. also see Golpata Tree (Nypa fruticans) and the other one is Ceriops Decandra (Garan Tree).

Canopy walk


Netidhopani-optional tour subject to get permit from forest department. with extra cost

This is another watchtower in the series of several watchtowers and is associated with the legend of Behula and Lakhindari. Legend has it that Behula,while accompanying her dead husband on his last journey on the boat, was passing the bank of what is now called Netidhopani, saw an interesting thing. A woman was washing clothes and a child was continually disturbing her.Annoyed, she sprinkled some water on the boy. The boy became lifeless. The woman finished her laundry and then again sprinkled some water on the boy, chanting some mantras, to bring him back to life. Behula decided in a flash that this was the person who could bring her husband back to life. She rowed the boat to the bank and asked the lady Netidhopani) to teach her the verses. This lady was instrumental in bring back. In fact, Behula reached heaven from this Ghat. Today this watchtower offers one a view of the ruins of a 400 year old Shiva Temple. It is also believed that there is a road on the extreme right of the forest which was built by King Pratapaditya to guard the coastal area. It is now covered with earth. There is also a sweet water pond. This watch tower has a capacity to host 20 persons at a time.

1230hrs.:- Leave for Sudhanyakhali through Panchamukhi–a confluence of five rivers –Icchamati,Durgaduyani,Gumor,Shukna and Banabibi Bharani(Narrow Channel inside the mangrove forest)Lunch will be served on boat while cruising.

Sudhanyakhali - It’s a vista point to spot the Royal Bengal tigers of Sundarban. This watchtower can accommodate maximum 25 people at a time, and besides tigers, you can spot other Sundarbans wildlife, like axis deer, wild boars and crocodiles. There is a fresh water pond adjacent to the tower where the animals come to drink water, That's why the tower's strategic location is ideal for wildlife spotting.

1530 hrs.:-Arrived at Sudhanya Khali watch tower.This watchtower is where most of the tigers are sighted. There's also a Sweet pond where you can see the spotted deer.

1630hrs.:- leave for recheck-in at Hotel for overnight stay.

1800 hrs.:-Arrived at Pakhiralay/ Dayapur, after fresh up, free to relax or, visit the local bazar, Handicraft center.

2030 hrs.: - Have dinner at Hotel or if you wish go for Dinner cruise , we may arrange that also depending on low tide and high tide.

Day 04:- Dayapur/ Pakhiralay to Island tour and drop to Gadhkhali.

0600hrs:- Wake-up Call with bed tea.

0700 hrs.:-Dep. for Island tour.(Bird Watching) through narrow creeks of Sharakhali 1 and sharakhali 2 , breakfast and lunch will be served on boat while cruising.

1330 hrs.:- Arrived at Godhkhali, disembark from our boat with sweet memories of Sundarban Mangrove forest.

1400 hrs.:-board your car/coach and Leave for Kolkata.

1730 hrs.:- Arrived at Kolkata. end of tour

Sudhanya Khali Watch Tower From This tower most of the tigers can be spotted. In addition, tourists can also spot wildlife like axis deer and crocodiles from this tower.

1200hrs:- Leave for Gadhakhali,lunch on boat.

1330 hrs:- Arrived at Gadhkhali

1400 hrs:- Leave from Gadhakhali for Kolkata

1700 hrs:- Arrived at Kolkata , end of tour

We arrange tailor made packages to Sundarban as per guest choice able date. We are specialized for Solo traveler also to do Sundarban mangrove forest tour with us .